What do I want?


When do I want it?


I have been applying everywhere. But with so many businesses closing down, it's getting harder and harder. *sigh* Guess I'll have to go back to what I do best *strapsonhookerboots* no srsly this sux. XD

And I'm so bored too. Have a lot of time on my hands even with college. =\ ARG

My personality

*sigh* Today I didn't have second class period, so I ended up hanging around the campus library for an hour with some girl from my class. XD Didn't even know her name until we split~ But it interesting experience.

Got to study some Japanese kanji during that time, but really, I wish I were a more talkative person. =\ I like to hang around talkative people, so it doesn't bother me much when I'm quiet, but when I'm with another quiet person....I wish I knew how to chat more. XD Right now what comes to mind is talking to yourself in the mirror to increase "charisma", like in TheSims. Does that actually work?

.......I'd feel a little crazy, but I guess it couldn't hurt to try.
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Diet and Exercise = Baaaaad

...but I'm doing it. =\ Trying to lose some pounds and gain some muscle~ So I'm eating more fruits and veggies, taking walks every morning and evening, and doing some weight training.

Only exception to this is during my special time of the month. =\ Which is riiiiight now. GRRRR The mestrual cycle's an unproductive b****! D=< Can't walk and makes me eat like a cow. Gaaaaaawd. By Sunday I should be able t start up exercising again. Thank god I have no homework for next week. .-.
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Marth peeved


Got my first Sociology test back today, 82% DX should have fudging studied, I knew it. *cries* well the next four tests are going to have to be aced if I'm going to ace that class. As for the other 3 classes, we have not really turned in much, so I can't guess my grade, but I get the feeling I'm doing well enough.

American History test sounds like it's going to be a bitch though. I will study my butt off! eyes are red from studying already.....but I think I'll do well.

Brand new ps2, here I come. XOXO
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Marth peeved

Ape Escape

Alright, figured out the whole shindig with my ps2. It's halfway broken. The laser for the compact disc reader is shot. Never been used so I guess it rotted away? D= Anyways, that's why it wouldn't play my Ape Escape disc. So I don't need to get a psx.

Buuuut to send my ps2 in to get fixed would be really expensive. It'd be better to just get a new ps2. But in order to do that, I cut a deal with my folks. 4 A's for a new ps2. =P so I have until....ohhhh December something to do it, and I feel pretty good about it (no math class!).

Anyways, be back later....z. 8D
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Ick, forgot all about updating this journal, though I have been around. ^^;

Today I went to the mall and bought Tekken *something* Tournament. Forgot the title exactly....Also got Castlevania *something* of Innocence. Also can't quite remember the subtitle. Ah well, they are both pretty interesting. It's the first time I've been carded to buy a game too. XD

Speaking of games.....I dunno why, but I always thought the ps2 was capable of playing psx games, so I went and bought Ape Escape ($2) but turns out it doesn't. So I've got to buy an original psx console (which I was planning on doing anyway, cuz of Chrono Cross).

Yeah, I wish I could buy Legend of Mana too, but for whatever reason, it's priced REALLY high on amazon. O_o;


Waaah!! my laptop crashed again!! ><;; it's going to be a while until it's fixed, so I might not be on at all that much. Since I'm too depressed at the moment to bother with a long entry I will just leave you with this...*sniffle*

On the bright side, I got my driver's license today! It was scary too because I couldn't understand half of what the lady was saying. @_@
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